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This film, made at the same time and the same technical credits as "Cerebro Del Mal" in Pre-Castro Cuba, with a similar plot where all the stars from the first film are brought back for this second one. This time, Joaquin Cordero pretends to be a Mexican crook on the run in order to infiltrate a gang of Cuban (Drug) smugglers. Santo (again never referred to by that name) is a secret agent of the police who shows up to bail out Cordero (who happens to be a good guy) in this film. At the end, the gang is captured and Cordero is reunited with his girlfiend. The film ends with a repeat of the airport scene from "Cerebro Del Mal", where Enrique Zambrano and Fernando Oses watch a plane take off for Mexico and talk about Santo's heroics, which is especially odd since Oses is a villian in this picture and the black masked wrestler (El Icognito) a hero in the first film. A must have for the "Santo" completists. NOTE** This film is the complete Spanish Uncut Version now with English Subtitles provided. 1958 B/W 74 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs. The Infernal Men ( Hombres Infernales ) 1958

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