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This was the first Santo film made in Mexico and, unlike his two previous which were shot in Cuba, the "Santo Mythos" is very well-established. The opening sequence shows Santo in the wrestling ring, being cheered by the crowds (who carry him on their shoulders), Thus establishing him as an idol of the multitudes. Futhermore, he isn't a wrestler who fights crime, he actually has a secret headquarters full of electronic gizmos, and the police consult him for assistance in fighting crime however, in this picture he takes a twist into horror (his first) in fighting hordes of zombies. This is one of 4 Santo films to have been dubbed into English. It is not a "K. Gordon Murray production, but the original uncut spanish version of the film with Santo's original voice. The English-Language version is apparently the only one readily available in the USA. This is a very good horror first for "El Santo", with, a Mad Doctor, Zombies, A Secret Lab, A Grotto where the zombies are kept with a great! atmosphere!. Uncut Spanish Version With English Subtitles, Biography and Filmography of "El Santo". 1962 B/W 80 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs.The Invasion of The Zombies (Contra Los Zombies)

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