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Here we have a very weird Sci-Fi Horror film of "Santo" combining elements from the 1958 cult classic film "The Blob" and horror effects, this film is a must see. Shot in color, this would be the last film that "Santo' would wear his trademark "Red Cape" and "Wrestling Tights" as seen in his early B&W films from the 60's. After four people are killed by monstrous creatures, (BLOBS) Santo is called in to help by Chief O'Connor. They receive a televised message from Malkosh an alien being who threatens further deaths if he is not paid ten million in gold bars. When they vacillate, Malkosh follows through on his promise and others are killed. Santo hides aboard the plane delivering the gold but is captured by Malkosh and forced to fight in an arena. Defeated, Malkosh reveals that the creatures are microscopic alien spores brought back in a Moon rock that have grown into monsters after contact with Earth atmosphere. Santo then contacts Karen, whose father Professor Bernstein has been kidnapped by Boris Licur to try and make the alien organisms more controllable. Together Santo and Karen set out to rescue her father and stop Licur. This is not really a bad film, except for its notorious "monster," which literally appears to be 3-4 guys underneath a greasy tarpaulin. Fans of Monty Python's Flying Circus might remember the "Giant Blancmange from Outer Space" episode and the film The Creeping Terror, but both of these have great monsters compared to Asesinos. Nonetheless, the rest of the picture is adequate, although the script rather oddly dispatches what would seem to be the chief villain (Malkosh) pretty early on, replacing him with Licur and the blob. Fun! Santo film to see, (one man is so horrified that he can hardly keep from laughing when he sees it). Starring Santo, Carlos Agosti as (Malkosh), Sasha Montenegro, and Juan Gallardo, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1971 Color 85 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs The Killers From Other Worlds (1971) AKA "Santo Vs The Blob

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