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This Santo film is the first of three long-missing films from 1961--filling in the gap between "Santo Vs. The Zombies" and "Santo Vs. The Vampire Women"--is an important entry in the Silver-Masked Man's Filmography. "Rey Del Crimen (King of Crime) includes a unique and first version of the "Santo" "Origen" with a strong cast. This Santo film was considered a suberb Mexican "Film Noir" and opens with the origen story leading a young Beto (Santo's Son) getting into a fight at school to save a girl from being bullied, flash forward to how Beto explains what happened to his father and he says " I wouldn't have expected any less of you". Always come to the aid of the helpless." He then asks if Beto has ever heard of "El Santo". "He's a character in a legend, right?" Beto replies. as his father opens a secret compartment behind a portrait on the wall; inside is a silver mask, the older man and father of Beto WAS! "El Santo", for many years as his health has failed and has kept a tradition that started centuries earlier, each male member of the family has donned the silver mask to fight evil. and so, begins the legend of "El Santo" with two other "Origen" stories told in "El Hacha Diabolica" (The Diabolical Axe) and in "El Baron Brakola" (Baron Brakola). Great film! and highly recommended Uncut Spanish Version With English Subtitles. 1962 B/W 88 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs. The King of Crime (Contra El Rey Del Crimen)

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