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Many Santo films have self-explanatory titles and Santo el enmascarado de plata vs. la invasión de los marcianos (Santo vs. The Martian Invasion) is one of those. Santo fights Martians, simple. On the other hand, the original poster--which is quite well done, although it is a direct swipe from the one for 1964’s Robinson Crusoe on Mars--is rather misleading, since it shows (a) Santo and a long-haired, green-skinned Martian (b) on another planet (the Moon?), and neither of these accurately reflects the movie itself. Rafael García Travesí’s screenplay borrows from The Day the Earth Stood Still, as well as the recent El Planeta de las mujeres invasoras (Planet of The Female Invaders) (and to a lesser extent, Gigantes planetarios). There are some inconsistencies: the Martians claim they’re on Earth to force the cessation of nuclear proliferation (they must have been following up on Klaatu's aborted mission from the 1950s), establish global peace and so forth. If they have to kill a bunch of people (including, shockingly, children) to make their point, so be it. However, later in the movie their leader Argos says they must take Santo back to Mars with them and discover the secret of his great strength and agility to improve the Martian army before it arrives to conquer Earth. Well which is it?. Wolf Ruvinskis plays the leader Argos who along with a group of other martians comes to earth in a flying saucer and breaks into television broadcasts and gives his ultimatum: Earth has to stop creating nuclear weapons, establish a global government and universal language, and agree to live in peace and harmony. Sounds good, but there’s a catch: if Earth doesn’t comply, Argo says Mars will destroy the planet so Earth won’t disrupt the rest of the solar system. Argos lands in a wooded area of Mexico and sends one of his henchmen (later dubbed Cronos) to an outdoor sports complex. Hundreds of people are watching bicycle races and other sporting events, and El Santo is teaching wrestling to a group of young boys. Cronos, using his “astral eye” weapon, disintegrates numerous spectators, including 4 boys. [This is done by simply having them fade away, which is much less violent than it could have been, and thus probably was not as upsetting for juvenile audiences. Santo angrily attacks the Martian and they have a long and fairly exciting fight, until Cronos flips a switch on his belt and vanishes (returning to the ship). There are a number of entertaining aspects to this picture, starting with the Martians themselves. Although at times they transform into normal-appearing Earthlings (remarking about how ugly this seems to Martian tastes), as Martians they apparently have big heads (they wear sort of oversized football helmets with a third "eye" in the forehead that disintegrates people; I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a real eye or just a weapon), and long blonde hair (perhaps screenwriter Rafael García Travesí had been reading some George Adamski). Since all of the male Martians are played by muscular wrestlers, and all of the female Martians are well-endowed women wearing skin-tight outfits, Mars is apparently some sort of giant health club planet. Trivia note: Santo loses his mask twice in this film. Once it is removed during a bout (however, he was definitely prepared for this eventuality, and is wearing another mask underneath!), and the other time it is taken off so Maura Monti and Eva Norvind can kiss him (this is only a hypnotically-induced fantasy, however). As in other films where similar things occur, Santo's face is never seen (he's shown from behind, and it probably isn't even Santo then). Great film!! highly recommended for the Sci-Fi fans with plenty of Santo martian lucha bouts and beautiful women with ray guns. Starring Santo, Wolf Ruvinskis, Maura Monti, Ham Lee, and Benny Galan. Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles, to include DVD Bonus Features and interview with "El Hijo Del Santo" (The Son of Santo). 1966 B&W 92 Minutes on DVD-R. 

Santo Vs The Martian Invasion (1966) Lucha Sci-Fi

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