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Here we have a straight Horror Western for "Santo" in the same field as the classic "Riders of The Skulls" (El Charro de Las Calaveras) except, for disfigured lepers riding around terrorizing the countryside. This film is very nicely photographed and with decent "monster" makeup. The disfigurement of the the "Leper-Riders" in this "Santo" western horror borrrows heavily from the Universal Classic "The Phantom of The Opera". An extremely, very rare "Nude Scenes" version of this film, entitled "Los Leprosos Y El Sexo", (The Lepers And The Sex) was created for the export market ( and apparently distributed in the USA in this form). Viviana Garcia-Besne, the niece of director Gullermo Calderon Stell who discovered "El Vampiro y El Sexo" (The Vampire And The Sex) in the vaults of Calderon Films, also found a copy of this one...but it has not yet been released. This is an excellent! Mexican Horror Western for "Santo" and highly recommended. Starring "Santo", Armando Silvestre, Julio Aldama, and Mary Montiel, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1970 Color 91 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs. The Riders Of Terror (1970) Mexican Western Horror

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