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Santo Vs. Las Lobas (Santo Vs. The She-Wolves) from 1972 is a very entertaining film and deserves credit for its attempts to be a "real" horror film (with a certain amount of gore, etc.), making it somewhat more adult in nature than many "Santo" films, and is more of a "straight" horror film that just happens to star "Santo". There is a great! storyline as a young blonde woman is drawn to an abandoned warehouse and confronted by a hairy old woman, who says she is "Luba", queen of the werewolves, and the time has come for her to be reborn in a new body; then the werewolves ("Licantropos") will destroy the human race and rule the earth. The blonde stabs old Luba and becomes queen; she is then united with her pack of female werewolf subjects, enter "Santo" to the rescue to save the world from the evil queen Luba and her pack of female she-wolves. Santo Vs. Las Lobas contains a number of elements which had been previously used (by scripter Ramon Obon) is "La Loba" (1964): male and female werewolves, a mystery about which female character is the werewolf, and a muscular good-guy gypsy character (Crox Alvarado in the earlier film, Carlos Suarez here). Santo Vs. Las Lobas is a great horror film worth watching, just to see a different tone in a Santo film. Starring Santo, Gloria Mayo, Rodolfo De Anda, and Nubia Marti, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1972 Color 89 Minutes on DVD-R.

"Santo Vs. The She Wolves (1972) Lucha Horror

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