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Here we have the direct sequel to "Santo Vs. The Strangler", "The Spectre of The Strangler" from 1963. This film picks up where the first Strangler ends and, it's a continuing story to the first movie and only a two-film series of "The Strangler". An ambulance speeds through the night and arrives at a theatre, where the dead body of "The Strangler" is carried out. The next day, the Stranglers assistant "Tor" reads the newspaper: "Strangler Killed By Police", However, Tor goes to the morgue and steals the body of his boss, killing the morgue attendant. The Strangler is not dead and covers his deformed face with a mask made from Human Skin. Santo goes to his lair in the catacombs and a battle ensues,; Who wil win??. Great finale for this movie as Santo comes to the rescue once again. Starring Santo, Maria Duval and Roberto Canedo as "The Strangler", Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1963 B/W 82 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs. The Spectre of The Strangler (El Espectro Del Estrangulador) 1963

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