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Both this film and the sequel, "The Spectre of The Strangler", are Horror Mystery Santo films based loosely on the "House of Wax" and "Mystery in The Wax Museum" classic films. Someone has been strangling female performers at the Teatro Variedades and police inspector Villegas ask Santo for his help in solving the mystery. The Strangler leaves a gardenia for each of his murdered victims, and Santo says " This flower has two meanings--Love and Death". Inspector Villegas tells Santo that the "Strangler" is a former performer named "Goudini" (Hmm! sounds familiar??) a magician who made a specialty of seducing his female co-stars, until a showgirl threw acid in his face. The actress was murdered and "Goudini" vanished--but he's been living in the catacombs under the Teatro Variedades ever since. Great!! Santo horrror, with a few musical numbers included. Starring Santo, Maria Duval and Roberto Canedo as "The Strangler", Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1963 B/W 90 Minutes on DVD-R. 

Santo Vs. The Strangler (El Estrangulador) 1963

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