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This is probably the best-known Santo Film internationally. The English-Language version was a television late-night staple for several decades, and was well received in France and other European countries at the time of it's original release. This is not the K.Gordon Murray English dubbed version, but the original superior Spanish Language version with English Subtitles. This Mexican horror classic has all the feel of a Universal Monster film and starts out in the dungeon of an old castle that is the home of a vampire clan and Zorina their queen, who comes back to life for revenge on a ancestral family from over 200 years ago, Excellent!! Santo film and must have for the collection. Starring Lorena Velazquez and Maria Duval. Original Spanish Version With English Subtitles, Biography and Filmography of "El Santo". 1962 B/W 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs. The Vampire Women (Las Mujeres Vampiro) 1962

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