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Here we have a Santo film with no (MONSTER'S) creatures, vampire's, or werewolves, however, we have an action, adventure, packed crime film with great Lucha fights, "Santo Vs. The Villians of The Ring". In this movie, Santo fights a group of phony spiritualists who are trying to scam his God-Daughter out of her inheritance. This Santo film is loaded with well choreographed fight scenes both in and out of the ring, and is one of the most action-packed! films in the series and features the legendary luchador Wolf Ruvinskis who was the wrestling creature monster in (The Body Snatchers). Great film and highly recommended!! starring Santo, Wolf Ruvinskis, and Silvia Fournier, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1968 B/W 87 Minutes on DVD-R.  

Santo Vs. The Villians of The Ring (Los Villanos Del Ring) 1968

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