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A top secret organization is after Lewis Jordan when he comes into control of a dangerous formula that could lead to nuclear disaster. Enter secret agent 777 in "Ticket To Die" (Invito Ad Uccidere) from 1966 and the second and final film in this short Eurospy series as director Enrico Bomba (Henry Bay) decided not to continue the series as there were so many Eurospy films shot in 1966, with many secret agents, 077, 008, OSS 117, and Kommissar "X", that the competition was huge. The first, Agente segreto 777 - Operazione Mistero or Secret Agent 777 from 1965 was the first Italian spy film directed by Enrico Bomba. Its plot includes several science fiction and horror elements. The location is set in the Middle East, in Lebanon, has this sequel, Secret Agent 777: Ticket to Die, directed by the same Bomba and released the same year. Jordan is an ex-secret agent who, after many years of service, gets the boot for "health reasons". So he plans to sell a secret and highly sought after formula - if he can locate all three pieces of paper that the formula is written on, that is. His former superiors believe that he is close to getting the formula all for himself, so they send one of his old friends to convince him to cooperate with them again. You have to give "A Ticket To Die" credit for capturing the feel of a "serious" spy movie, from the raincoats that all the men wear to the footsteps sometimes being the only sound. Hardcore fans of mid-1960s Euro-spy fare will enjoy this film.  The star of this film, Tiziano Cortini wrote the screenplay, wrote the story, and starred in the film as secret agent Lewis Jordan. Italien Dubbed English Language Version. 1966 Color 94 Minutes on DVD-R.


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