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Agente segreto 777 - Operazione Mistero or Secret Agent 777 is a 1965 Italian spy film directed by Enrico Bomba. Its plot includes several science fiction and horror elements. The location is set in the Middle East, in Lebanon. It has a sequel, Secret Agent 777: Ticket to Die, directed by the same director Bomba and released the same year. This was the first of the only two Eurospy films that director Bomba did in his entry of "Secret Agent 777".  A scientist discovers a way to bring the dead back to life using nuclear power but it makes him the target of secret agents who will stop at nothing to get his formula for themselves. This spy film had many potentials for director Bomba to continue the series however, he ended the series with "Secret Agent 777: Ticket To Die". Starring Mark Damon, and Mary Young. **NOTE** this film is only in the Italien Language Version. 1965 Color 94 Minutes on DVD-R.


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