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"Spy in Your Eye" or, "Berlin Operation Laser" is one of the more rare Eurospy films from 1965 as it has two American actors in the film, Dana Andrews and Brett Halsey as secret agent Bert Morris with Dana Andrews in the role of Colonel Lancaster, his boss who sends him on a mission to rescue the daughter of a prominent atomic-scientist who is kidnapped by the Russians and Chinese in hopes of revealing a Top-Secret formula for a laser beam. This film was released in the US by Nicholsen and Arkoff (AIP) however, the prints were not great and has been sought after in the English-Language format. We now have the International Uncut English Language version in a very nice print quality for your Eurospy enjoying pleasure. Starring Dana Andrews, and Brett Halsey. 1965 Color 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

Spy In Your Eye (AKA Operation Laser) (1965) Brett Halsey EUROSPY

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