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1962's "The Blood of Nostradamus" marked the finale to the quartet of films starring Mexico's most famous vampire actor German Robles, preceded by "The Curse of Nostradamus", "The Monster Demolisher" and"Genie of Darkness". The narrative running through them all is that Nostradamus is the undead son of the original 15th century French seer, conducting a reign of terror against an elderly professor belonging to a society of Non-Believers. In this final film, Vampire hunters track down Nostradamus and attempt to steal the ashes from his coffin in order to stop him from reviving nightly and putting an end to the vampire count. Great! film for the finale and highly recommended. Starring German Robles and Julio Aleman, English Dubbed K. Gordon Murray Version. 1962 B/W 98 Minutes on DVD-R.

"The Blood of Nostradamus" (1962) German Robles

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