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Dick Barton: Special Agent (released in the USA as Dick Barton, Detective) is a 1948 British film about special agent Dick Barton. It was the first of three films that Hammer Film Productions made about the British agent, followed by Dick Barton at Bay and Dick Barton Strikes Back. We now have all three films from the Hammer Collection for your Eurospy enjoyment. In Dick Barton: Special Agent (Don Stannard) and his friends Snowey and Jack are investigating smuggling when attempts are made on his life. It turns out there is a neo-Nazi plot to contaminate Great Britain's water supply. In Dick Barton: At Bay Agent (Don Stannard) Captain Richard 'Dick' Barton and his wartime college; 'Snowey' White, are quickly assigned to recover a kidnapped scientist and de-activate a death ray before national catastrophe triggers World War III with Great Britain at the heart of Hell. And Finally, in Dick Barton: Strikes Back, Captain Richard 'Dick' Barton and his associate; Snowey White, uncover a spy ring of international psychopathic criminals with plans to dominate Great Britain, if not, the world, using a terrifying weapon of mass destruction. This second film of the trilogy has elements of Sci-Fi weapons, with audio-sonic rays to destroy the human population. Beginning in 1948, the Hammer film company made the three Dick Barton films, which were intended to be the beginning of a long-running series. Don Stannard, the star, was killed in a car crash in 1949, and Hammer decided to discontinue the series after the production of only three films. Hammer shelved plans to film the next Dick Barton film, Dick Barton in Africa written by John Gilling. Ian Fleming, after watching these films himself, influenced a generation of Secret Agents to come 13 years later with the creation of "James Bond", and "The Avengers". This is a great! and must see series in the Dick Barton Trilogy from Hammer Films Studio, starring Don Stannard as "Dick Barton. 1948-1950 B&W 137 Minutes on DVD-R.


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