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Here we have a Black and White-1957-Japanese Sci-fi-Horror film with English Subtitles, "The Invisible Man Vs. The Human Fly". This rare and tough to find science fiction/horror film from Daiei Studios (which produced the Gamera series) involves a mysterious murderer lurking in Tokyo. It seems a madman can shrink to the size of a fly so that he can commit his crimes unseen. Fortunately a group of scientist has created a ray gun that can turn people invisible, and have created an "Invisible Man" to stop the insane human fly from exacting his revenge. This is an "Excellent" and Great!! film highly recommended with a twist of "FILM NOIR", a Must-Have for your Japanese Sci-Fi Horror collection. Japanese With Optional English Subtitles. 1957 B/W Full Screen 96 Minutes on DVD-R.

The Invisible Man Vs. The Human Fly (1957) Japanese Sci-Fi Horror

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