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For your Sci-Fi viewing pleasure, we have the Mexican version of "One Million Years B.C.", "La  Isla De Los Dinosaurios" (The Island of The Dinosaurs from 1967. This Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure was directed by Gullermo Calderon, Rafael Portillo and Produced by Alfredo Salazar (Brother of Mexican Horror producer Abel Salazar). the story revolves around a scientific expedition to discover the remains of the lost continent of Atlantis. As the expedition fly towards the geographical area of the continent, the scientist's plane makes a crash landing on an island during a storm (Hmm, sounds familiar!). While they repair the plane, they study the mysterious island and find out that it is inhabited by a tribe of Cave-People and, plenty of dinosaurs a-la (One Million Years B.C.)  This is a fun movie to watch as you can make comparison's to the American version. Starring Armando Silvestre, Elsa Cardenas, and Crox Alvarado (of many Lucha and Santo Films), Uncut Spanish Version With English Subtitles. 1967 B/W 87 Minutes on DVD-R.

The Island of The Dinosaurs (1967) Mexican Sci Fi

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