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Here we have a great! American film that spoofs the spy film genre, starring the then-popular comedy team of "Allen & Rossi" comes, "The Last of The Secret Agents" from 1966 to cash-in on the Spy-Eurospy craze that was huge during the 1960's spoofing "James Bond 007" with many rip-off films like "Flint", "Matt Helm", "Casino Royale" and many more. This film is flat-out funny, with Allen & Rossi as secret agents in Paris recruitedby the Good Guys Institute (GGI) to thwart the plans of the evil crime and espionage organization T.H.E.M. who plan to steal priceless international art treasures, most notably the "VENUS DE MILO", and save the art world, Starring Marty Allen and Steve Rossi and Nancy Sinatra, whos sings the titles theme song of the film. 1966 Color 92 Minutes on DVD-R.

The Last of The Secret Agents (1966) Allen & Rossi Spy Spoof

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