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From the late great Mexican Horror Director "Chano Urueta" and screenwriter, Federico Curiel comes this great classic horror film from 1963, "The Living Head" (La Cabeza Viviente), with an excellent cast of stars to include: Abel Salazar, German Robles, and Anna Luisa Peluffo. The opening of this film is in the "Aztec" past, where a chief aztec warrior has just been disgraced and killed. An aztec maiden is held responsible for the death of the warrior and is sealed into his tomb alive with the dead man's head and grim, dedicated head priest. Centuries later, a group of archaeologists exhume the mummified head of the dead aztec warrior inside a magnificent pyramid and cart off the head along with the death ring worn by the dead maiden, whos' now a pile of dust. Like our Universal "Mummy" films, the revenge story carries on here as the now living head of the aztec warrior, takes revenge on all those that desecrated the tomb. Excellent! and great! Mexican Horror film to add to your collection, this is the K.Gordon Murray English Dubbed Version. 1963 B&W 79 Minutes on DVD-R. 

"The Living Head" (1963) K.Gordon Murray Mexican Horror

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