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The Macabre Legends of The Colonies (Legendas Macabras De La Colonia), was one of the many "Lucha-Horror" films from the 1970's, where we see the Luchadores, "Mil Mascaras", "Tinieblas El Gigante", "El Fantasma Blanco" together in a period horror film with elements of The Legend of The Crying Woman "La Llorona", Witchcraft, Aztec Mummies, and Time Travel via a painting, and of course (Wrestling) Lucha fights in the ring. The Mexican luchador Tinieblas buys a n ancient painting of a dead woman ignoring the warnings that it is haunted. Later, after a wrestling match his partners, Mil Mascaras and, El Fantasma Blanco (The White Phantom), joins him in a party at his apartment with two beautiful ladies, but when the clock reaches midnight, the painting transports them all to colonial 15th century. In order to return home, they must face Spanish Conquistadores, Aztec Warriors, and an evil witch whose mummy mother, an unstoppable living dead hungry for human sacrifices, is actually the woman in the painting. This Lucha-Horror film has a great period plot and recommended for the Lucha Fans. Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles, starring Mil Mascaras, Tinieblas The Giant, The White Phantom, and the beautiful Lorena Velasquez as the evil witch. 1974 Color 80 Minutes on DVD-R.

"The Macabre Legends of The Colonies" 1974 Lucha-Horror

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