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This is one of the finest and most enjoyable of the Luchador Mexican Horror films, featuring the masked wrestlers Blue Demon and Superzan. the fact that there is no continuous wrestling matches that interrupt the action, this one plays far more like a traditional horror effort that just so happens to feature the masked wrestlers who can use their skills in the situation. Following the death of her father, a woman finds that his death may have been connected to a devilish pact which enacted a curse on a massive treasure and a group of zombified mummies, and brings her friends Blue Demon and Superzan to help her stop the curse and put an end to it all. There are some comical moments as, the great Golden Age Mexican comedian "Manolin" helps out in the matter. This is a pretty rare film for "Blue Demon" as only "Superzan" was the only Luchador that Demon wanted contracted by director Rafael Lanuza for this particular film. Recommended! Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles, starring Blue Demon, Superzan and Maria Cardinal. 1977 Color 85 Minutes on DVD-R. 

The Mansion of The 7 Mummies (1977) Lucha-Horror

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