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The four Nostradamus features, were the first Mexican Horror films imported. Dubbed and released straight to US Television by K. Gordon Murray. They were available for syndication as early as 1963! and started getting much more airplay once Murray's horror packages grew, and most TV markets started leasing and showing this remarkable series of films in the late 60's. Thanks to American International Television's wider distribution and more aggressive marketing. Here we have the 2nd film in the series, The Monster's Demolisher, (Nostradamus y El Destructor De Monstruos. A professor and a vampire hunter, join forces to destroy the murderous vampire Nostradamus and his minions. Starring German Robles and Julio Aleman, English Dubbed Version. 1962 B/W 74 Minutes on DVD-R.

"The Monster's Demolisher (1962) German Robles

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