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The Scotland Yard Mystery is a 1934 British crime film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Sir Gerald du Maurier, George Curzon, Grete Natzler, Belle Chrystall and Wally Patch. The screenplay concerns a criminal doctor who operates a racket claiming life insurance by injecting victims with a life suspending serum turning them into living dead. AKA as "The Living Dead" The film is based on a play by Wallace Geoffrey. It was made by one of the biggest British companies of the era, British International Pictures, at their Elstree Studios. This is a great! early British Pre-Code Horror-Mystery film worth looking starring Gerald DuMaurier, and George Curzon and is featured in a brand new transfer from the original film elements in its original aspect ratio. 1934 B/W British 71 Minutes on DVD-R.

The Scotland Yard Mystery AKA (The Living Dead) 1934 British Horror

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