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The Ship of Monsters (La Nave De Los Monstruos) is a 1960 Mexican Comic science fiction film that was directed by Rogelio Gonzalez and features Lorena Velasquez, Anna Bertha Lepe, and Eulalio Gonzalez (PIPORRO). Two Venusian women, Gamma (LEPE) and Beta (Velasquez) are sent on a mission to earth to search for males to repopulate thier planet. With a colorfull array of male extraterrestials creatures in their "Ship of Monsters" including martian prince Tagual, UK the cyclops, Utirr the spider, and skeletal Zok they land in Mexico and plan to take over the earth with a singing cowboy as the hero. This is a great! and rare sci-fi film a must have. From 1960 in B/W uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles on DVD-R.

The Ship of Monsters 1960 Lorena Velasquez

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