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The Spy Who Loved Flowers (Italian: Le spie amano i fiori, also known as Hell Cats) is a 1966 Italian/Spanish co-production science fiction-Eurospy film written and directed by Umberto Lenzi (here credited as "Hubert Humphry"). Set in Paris, Geneva and Athens, it is the sequel to Super Seven Calling Cairo (1965). It starred Roger Browne and Yoko Tani. American actor Brown was in various Eurospy films in the 60's with this film and "Rififi In Amsterdam" being the best 2 films in the genre. After retrieving an electronic device that can shut off the power of entire cities, secret agent SuperSeven is assigned to eliminate the only 3 remaining persons who have knowledge of the device. Brown plays the role of Martin Stevens AKA Secret Agent "Super Seven" and plays it very well as a very "Bond Type" suave secret agent. Written and directed by Umberto Lenzi and stars, Roger Browne, Emma Danieli, and Daniele Vargas. Italien English Language Version. 1966 Color 93 Minutes on DVD-R.


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