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The Three Fantastic Supermen is a 1967 Italien superhero (Eurospy) film which was the first in a series of Three Supermen films.  Needless to say, the heroes in this film are none other than our Kommissar "X" stars Tony Kendall and Brad Harris who, in between doing the "Kommissar" films decided to do this crazy spoof spy yarn on "SuperHeroes". This is a very rare film as being the first of the three supermen films carry on the spy yarn where the other two films concentrate more on martial arts themes. This is a fun film, just listen to the musical track throughout the film. Recommended, starring Tony Kendall and Brad Harris English Dubbed. 1967 Color 94 Minutes on DVD-R.

The Three (3) Fantastic Supermen 1967 Superhero (Eurospy

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