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From director Nobuo Nakagawa, this was his first major horror film from Shintoho Studios (Toho), (Kyuketsuga) aka "Vampire Moth" is a 1956 Japanese film directed by Nobuo Nakagawa. The film has been described as the first Japanese vampire film, but in which the creature is revealed to be not supernatural, similar to The Cat and the Canary. It follows The story of a professional nude model stalked by a bizarre, unknown man wearing a hideous mask with grotesque vampire fangs and terrorizing a group of fashion models. On the case is Detective Kazusuke Kaneda and he begins a thorough investigation into the strange disappearance of the models after a strange, hideous man delivers their designer a box that bears an apple with a tooth in it. What is behind this stranger who appears to have a disfigured face with long fangs and a gargled voice? is he a Vampire?. This horror-thriller is a must see as director Nakagawa along with the Shintoho Studios (Toho) makes this film an exciting entry in the Nakagawa Horror series. Starring Ryô Ikebe, and Asami Kuji, this is the complete Uncut Japanese Version with English Subtitles. Japan 1956 B&W 88 Minutes on DVD-R.

The Vampire Moth (1956) Japanese Horror

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