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Here we have another great team-up, "Mil Mascaras" and "Superzan" in another great horror film, "Los Vampiros De Coyoacan" (The Vampires of Coyoacan). This film has it all, great wrestling costumes, vampires, cool convertible muscle cars, gorgeous babes, and "Vampire Dwarves"!! with their "Batman" costumes wrestling and fighting with our masked luchador heroes! what a film!. With plenty of horror action as the masked wrestlers deal with a vampire by the name of "Baron Bradock from Transylvania, who has been taking the bodies of dead wrestlers that were drained of blood back to his castle where he plans to revive them as vampires. German Robles who plays Dr. Wells, was famous for playing the Vampire, Count Duval, in another classic Mexican production, "The Vampire" (El Vampiro) in 1957, and it's sequel, "The Vampire's Coffin" in 1958. Starring Mil Mascaras, Superzan, and German Robles, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1974 Color 87 Minutes on DVD-R.

The Vampires of Coyoacan (1974) Lucha-Horror

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