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 Rafael García Travesí worked on the screenplays of the four Santo films for Vergara, which could be considered dry runs for "The World of The Dead"  (El Mundo de los Muertos.  2 of the 4 Vergara pictures contain colonial-era sequences with Santo's predecessor "El Caballero Enmascarado de Plata," and the plot of "Atacan las brujas" (Attack of The Witches) also deals with reincarnation or at least an individual in the contemporary period who is the double of someone from a previous time, and whose life is predestined by events that occurred in the past. El Mundo de los Muertos contains all of these elements, integrated reasonably well into a coherent plot, and adds an interesting sequence in the eponymous "world of the dead." This time Santo and Blue Demon must take on a 300 year-old witch with a really bad attitude. She raises a legion of zombies and sends them to fight Santo in his home and in the rings. This is considered one of the rarer "Santo Blue Demon" films involving many elements of "Witchcraft", "Time Travel", Visions of Hell", "Colonial Inquisition and Torture", combined with Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy makes this film a must see. Starring "Santo", "Blue Demon", and Pillar Pellicer. Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1969 Color 85 Minutes on DVD-R.

The World of The Dead (1969) Santo & Blue Demon

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