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Here we have a great film directed by Rene Cardona Sr., from 1969 "The Wrestling Woman Vs. The Killer Robot". The set's, story, style have the same feel and the rapist man/monkey monster has a small part, unlike "Night of The Bloody Ape" this film is very similar except for the gore and nudity. There is an International Italien version that includes the nurse rape-scene by the monkey-monster however, its extremely very rare to find. This Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller does have the nurse rape scene in the film however, it gets cut just before the actual rape and nudity occur. This Mexican Female Luchadoras film has a very nice plot as a lady wrestler and her boyfriend, and a policeman, battle a mad scientist who has developed a murderous killer robot and uses it to kidnap wealthy people to do the bidding of the mad doctor. With a story by Alfredo Salazar (Abel's Brother) and directed by Rene Cardona, it stars Carlos Agosti, Joaquin Cordero and famed luchadora (Female Wrestler) Regina Torne. This is the Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1969 Color 80 Minutes on DVD-R.

The Wrestling Woman Vs. The Killer Robot (1969)

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