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From the makers of cult classics, “The Land That Time Forgot, “The People That Time Forgot”, and “At The Earths Core”, comes a perilous, nautical tale of mutiny, murder, hidden treasure, giant sea monsters and lost worlds. A creature feature beyond comparison; “Warlords Of Atlantis. This film was the fourth action-fantasy collaboration between Kevin Connor and Doug McClure. The first three were made by Amicus Productions, this film was made by EMI Films, then run by Michael Deeley and Barry Spikings. The film was the 15th most successful movie in the UK in 1978, and was never released in the US as part of the other 3 films. We have here for you now the uncut complete UK version for your enjoyment. A professor of archaeology, his scientist son, and an engineer are on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis. When a giant octopus attacks their ship, they awaken within a mysterious underwater realm. A deep-sea kingdom has been colonized by an advanced alien race with immense psychic powers and a dark secret. Great! film, and highly recommended for all Sci-Fi fans. Starring Doug McClure, Peter Gilmore, And Cyd Charisse. 1978 Color 96 Minutes on DVD-R.

“Warlords of Atlantis” (1978) Classic Sci-Fi

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